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Upahaar Community Group

Upahaar Community Group (UCG) is a Charity formed by members of the Upahaar Community, with the intention of promoting physical health and mental wellbeing within all sectors of our society.

The group's primary objective is to reach out to young children and the youth in our society, encouraging them to engage in physical and mental activities such as classical dance and music to improve their concentration, discipline and overall well-being. UCG believes that these activities can add another dimension to their lives and to the community at large. Another aim of UCG is to interact and share the classical arts with people who are differently-abled, in order to stimulate sensory skills and promote communication of a different kind. 

The charity was set up in May 2016 and is supported by contributions from members of the group as well as the National Lottery Fund. We also seek corporate and private funding of any denomination to be able to successfully tailor and implement our outreach programmes. The group intends to work closely with Upahaar School of Dance and other such dance and music organisations in structuring and delivering community outreach programmes. They will organise regular classical dance and music workshops, performances and intensive training throughout the year.

All programmes initiated by this group will be subsidised for members. Should you be interested in annual or life membership or require any further information, please send your enquiry to or call 02086612865 / 07811823684.


Upahaar Community Group regularly organises workshops by Gurus from the UK and abroad with the aim of providing students with a wider exposure in classical dance and music. It provides an opportunity to all within the community to engage and interact with different artists in a stimulating environment. The aims of these workshops is to strengthen the technique, rhythmic nuances and refine one's style of dance and music.

Lectures & Demos

Lecture-demonstrations in schools, universities and institutions for the differently-abled has been a unique project undertaken by Upahaar. These sessions encourage children and adults to explore their innate abilities to express through dance and mime. This is also a confidence boosting exercise for Upahaar students since they get an opportunity to perform in front of their schoolmates. The project is on-going and has already been conducted in more than 40 schools and other institutions around London.

Please contact us to enquire about lecture demonstrations in schools in Greater London.

Community performances

Upahaar students regularly perform for the community so that Indian classical dance and music can be brought to all sectors of society. It also provides students with an opportunity to showcase their learning and gain confidence to perform for a wider audience. 

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